Common queries to place on your OEM manufacturer

Ask these queries before you order own brand products (produk jenama sendiri) from an OEM.
What is your experience in the production process of cosmetics?
Whatever business you approach, you should ensure the expertise of the person who would do the activities to produce your product. So, the selection of a cosmetic OEM company should also start with the question about the experience of the company in the same field. It is not advisable to go with a newbie manufacturer in your initial stages to avoid some issues. Since both you and the manufacturer would be new to the production of the products, there would be a lack of knowledge in some rare issues and challenges. At least one should be knowledgeable to handle any kind of situation and it is better to have the company with that knowledge. So, you should ask the manufacturer about their experience in the production.
What could be their cup of tea?
A manufacturer could not excel in a range of products and services at once. Although you could see a broader portfolio of products from all niches, they would give their best and have the necessary knowledge to create a particular product in the market. You, as an entrepreneur will also have only one product. So, you should check whether these two matches with each other. Let us assume that you are looking for someone who can manufacture cosmetic products. If you can manage to find an OEM specialized in creating a cosmetics product, your business would be easy. So, it would help if you can check the specialization of the manufacturer.
What about the minimum limit of production?
Every OEM will produce a specific limit of products and they will name this size as MOQ. Once you know this MOQ, you can plan your purchase.


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